Friday, July 16, 2010

An Interview & the return of BOOs and YEAs

About 6 months ago, Lisa of interviewed me about infertility and the SHE group.  I knew she would post the subsequent article when she had a chance; thus, the interview completely slipped my mind.  Well, to my surprise the article was posted today on the website!!  I feel so touched and honored that she would make more people aware of infertility.

BOOs of the Week:

1.  Back to School sales.  Even though I work as a teacher, these sales hearken the end of summer.
2.  My city has decided to embark on numerous construction projects...simultaneously.  On most of the busy roads.  Great timing.

YEAs of the Week:

1.  The priest who officiated at our wedding came to visit us on Wednesday and Thursday.  He offered Mass in our home on Thursday morning before leaving...WOW.  Completely awesome! 

2.  Spiritual direction: what a difference a meeting makes!

3.  I couldn't keep my nose out of The Boylen Inheritance, a historical fiction novel by Philippa Gregory.  Although some risque and inappropriate scenes appear in the book, the overall plot is fast-moving.  One theme really struck me: the desire for a child, specifically a son.  Two of the women in the novel (Ann of Cleves and Katherine Howard) were under tremendous pressure to provide an heir to the throne.  Any failure to do so was considered the woman's fault, no matter the age of the husband.  I think of the stresses of the IF journey; how horrid it must have been to endure IF and the demands for a child.

Our baby girl moves (when I can feel her) about twice a day.  Sometimes she makes me a little seasick.  Still, I'm grateful for these movements, as they help reinforce the fact that this pregnancy is not a dream.


Grace in my Heart said...

CONGRATS on the interview! I can't wait to read it! :) And yay for baby kicks- I bet it feels like a dream!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

What an awesome interview!! Great job!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Great interview!

I have never been to a house Mass or had one in our home. What an awesome experience.

Kick, baby girl, kick!

mrsblondies said...

Congratulations on the interview! You did a great job. So cool that you can feel your baby girl.

I read all of the series that includes Boleyn Inheritance. Very interesting (though there is so risque stuff) series. The whole series that includes Henry VIII has to do at least in part with providing an heir, and all the pressure was on the woman to not only produce a child, but a son.

Elisabeth said...

I read the interview from a post on an IF forum and found your blog again as a result. I am interested in talking to you about the SHE group and possibly doing something like this in our dio. I teamed with another blogger (FJIEJ) in April to run "The Hope Retreat" (a retreat we started for IF couples) and SHE may be a good follow up. My email is creighton model at g mail dot com if we can start a conversation. Oh...and I am Elisabeth and my daughter is Hannah - we are just one name off. :)

Percolating Petals said...

Thanks so much, everyone. I will definitely email you, Elisabeth. :) We just need to find a Sarah to complete the SHE theme!!

Maureen said...

A wonderful interview! I am so proud of you!!!

Kasclar said...

I totally agree with Boo to the construction around town. It's getting old!! Hope it's over soon.

I haven't read that interview yet, but will soon. Looking forward to it.

Spiritual diection?? Funny you should mention that, I have been thinking about it for a while myself but don't know how to find someone. Would love to hear who you go to and how you found out who offers spiritual direction around here.

Glad everything is going so well with the pregnancy!!