Friday, April 5, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Easter Octave Edition

Yes, sports fans, it's another attempt to prevent week-long gaps (or more) between blog posts.

1.  Easter Vigil at my husband's parish (his cousin became Catholic) + a 2-year-old + 8:30 start time = dreadful combination.  NEVER AGAIN.  KB took a couple of quick naps through the 2-hour Mass (sorry to say, but I'm glad they only did 5 readings instead of 9!), but stayed up past midnight.  We skipped the family photos, Easter Egg hunt, and a couple other things the next day because we were all so tired.  Lesson learned: get a baby sitter if we absolutely have to attend another Vigil in the next 8 years.

2.  One of the members of the SHE Infertility Support group here in town shared this review of a book she read.  Although the book's topic covered various saints, my friend found great insight into infertility and motherhood  thanks to the author's reflections.

3.  Weeks ago, I neglected to mention the excitement of the conclave and papal election.  Access to social media and portable devices made the news travel even faster than 2005.  I am so jealous of journalism students who get to work with these mediums, as most did not exist during my college career.  And what a relief that the election came during the afternoon of EST!!  I got to "watch" the coverage simultaneously with my brother in Oregon via Fac.e Time.  KB decided to nap during the big event.

4.  One of my favorite bloggers, Fr. Dwight, has penned several posts about the new pope.  This one is my favorite.  I definitely love and welcome Pope Francis, but have been a little bit surprised by some of his novel choices.  But it's his prerogative.  I hope he's able to reconcile some of the Eastern churches still in schism (a more urgent project, IMHO, than trying to bring back the SSPX).   Fr. Dwight's balanced approach between the "Pope Francis is better than his stiff predecessor " and "Give me back B16 because the sky is falling!" camps makes a lot of sense.  

5.  Baby Boy will arrive at the end of April via C-Section.  My doctor and I thought this was the best option, considering my age, medical history, and previous C-Section.  This decision raised so many eyebrows early in my pregnancy that I stopped talking about it all together.  But now I really don't care; after all, I recoil at the thought of giving birth naturally or languishing through labor.  Yet I avoid saying so to the women who choose these routes.  I just wish the same respect would be given in the other direction.  But the result is the same (a baby is born!), and my C-Section with KB went smoothly.

6.  Divine Mercy Sunday is this weekend!  Go here for more information on the background of this devotion and the feast of Divine Mercy.  I'm friends with several of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, the order who runs the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy.

7.  I'm attempting to fill our freezer with meals, as some of the friends who helped me post-birth last time have moved away (come back, Molly!).  Unlike last time, I am armed with the power of Pinterest!!  Thanks to that addictive little bulletin board website, I have gleaned numerous tips and recipes.

Have a great weekend!