Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Boy on the Block, I mean, Blog!

I had hoped to post some thoughts before Baby Boy arrived last month, but time got away from me.  Without further adieu, meet little Joey, born on April 24th.

 Spectacular photo, courtesy of Cuddle Bug Photography

Little Guy minutes after birth.  The doctor had to push VERY hard to get him out of my belly!

So many family, friends, religious prayed for my delivery and I felt the effects!  My C-Section went smoothly, as did my recovery.  I met so many compassionate and kind nurses too.  Although I can't lift anything heavier than the baby for 3 more weeks, my body has healed nicely.  It's a big adjustment going from one child to two. Although KB pays attention to her brother for a few seconds and then ignores him (yea), trying to take care of two simultaneously has been challenging.  We're just taking things day by day.  Good thing Joey is rather mellow and flexible. 

Still praying for all IF friends still waiting...