Monday, January 30, 2012

Blogoversary Giveaway!

Friends, lurkers, and countrymen! On January 18th, my blog turned 3 years old.  Wow, time has really flown!  I'm so grateful to have discovered such kind friends in my IF journey and beyond.  There are more deep thoughts to share, but let's get on to the important matter: a giveaway!

To celebrate my blog's small milestone, I am giving away TWO beautiful flowers courtesy of my friend Wendy's handiwork, Ruby Handmade.  She kindly provided both handmade flowers.  And should you want something custom made, just say so in your comment and I will pass your info along to her.

This flower (about the size of my fist) is a pin, but she can also add a hair clip if you ask for it.  The flower adds a pop of color to shirts, sweaters, and handbags. :)

This little flower is a barrette.  The small size works in adults' hair (like a subtle splash of color) or could also work in a child's hair.  I think KB could even sport it too.

SO, if you wish to enter the contest, please leave a comment AND a favorite quote.  Silly, serious, religious, whatever, just keep it clean.  On Friday I will randomly pick two winners and mail them the flowers.

Again, many thanks to all of you for walking with me the past 3 years!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Favorite Things Edition

Chasing Joy penned a fun post about her favorite things, so I've decided to follow suit.  My upper respiratory infection from last week returned as a sinus infection this week, so my head has been a bit cloudy for forming coherent thoughts.  Here's a run down of some of my current favorite books & items. :)

1.  The Keuri.g coffee maker.  My hubby gave this to me for Christmas and I've used it almost daily.  The coffee maker brews coffee in a flash and also dispenses hot water.  It's nice to have a quick mug without having to brew a pot or go to st.arbucks (gasp!)

  2.  Along with my current coffee love affair, I've fallen in love with Bailey's Irish Cream Creamer.  Great for hot chocolate too.  It's like having Irish Coffee in the morning sans alcohol. :)

3.  The Kin.dle.  I've mentioned it before, but the portable nature of the electronic book has made reading easier.  A one-year-old little girl can easily tear pages of a real book or take a bookmark.  But the Ki.ndle holds my place and I like switching back and forth between books.  The only problem is that KB likes to pilfer my Kin.dle too!  I can't keep her away from technology.

4.  The Catholicism Project & Word on Fire.  Fr. Robert Barron recently debut the Catholicism Series, which I look forward to viewing. My husband gave me Fr. Robert's companion book to the series, also called Catholicism.  Whoa.  Very deep but rich reading.  Great insights and a mix of history and theology.  Fr. Barron's Word on Fire blog is also very informative and covers a variety of subjects.  He also has several YouTube videos where he addresses multiple topics.

5.  The Words With Friends ap.  Very addictive and fun to play ongoing games with my family on the other side of the country. :)

6.  Pinterest.  Oh wow, I have become addicted to that website.  Maybe one day I'll actually craft, bake, or cook the many items on my pin boards.

7.  I've grown to love the Organizing Made Fun blog, as there is now an ongoing quest for organization in our house.  The author also has a page of fun and useful printables. 

In other news to save for next week:

The SHE IF support group will turn 3 tomorrow!
My blogoversary was a while ago, so that means it's time for a cupcake. :)

Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

Here's the card I made for my hubby on Valentine's Day.  :)  Shutterfly rocks!

5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday/ Thought for Thursday

Little curls.  I never get tired of looking at them.

Also, I loved Stra.wberry Short.cake as a kid.  She's come back into the toy scene but with an updated look (way to make me feel old!).  Upon seeing t-shirt at Ol.d Nav.y, I had to buy it for KB for old times sake.

Thought for Thursday:

Don't imagine that, if you had a great deal of time, you would spend more of it in prayer. Get rid of that idea; it is no hindrance to prayer to spend your time well.
-St. Teresa of Avila 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Takes: Sinus edition

While trying to get back on a million bandwagons (organization, writing, good diet, etc.), I wanted to make this blog a bit more active.  Welcome to my attempt!  These quick takes are a bit mundane, but at least they are something!

1.  The doctor told me I need to lose weight fast, for health reasons and our hope to TTC for #2.  I'm trying to decide between a medically supervised shake diet or Weigh.t Watchers online. It's an uphill battle.

2.  After getting through November and December with no illness, a sinus infection has hit my husband and me simultaneously.  Good times.  Good medicine.

3.  It's hard to read with a one-year-old around, so the Kin.dle has been my friend.  I can read little snippets of books here and there as well as switch between titles.  Very convenient!  It sure beats keeping my books out of grabbing range.

4. Blood Test Buddy and I discovered Pil.ates during December. It's helped my cramps and breathing. .  I absolutely stink at Yoga (picture a zebra trying to do a down.ward dog) so this class is a nice compromise.

5.  Our new friend during the cold winter days is our local Gym.boree.  KB has really enjoyed the weekly classes.  Most of all, I enjoy going to a place where she can play freely indoors.

6. While I'm on the subject of reading, these two titles are on my spiritual reading list: The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers and Saints for Catholic Moms.  Don't miss Saints on Call, written by my friend Christine.  I plan to devote a future blogpost to her awesome prayerbook.

7.  My favorite scent from Bath.and.Body.Works is Stress Relief.  The gel and scrub have made my shower smell so good.  For an added bonus, the Eucalyptus Spearmint aroma has helped clear my lungs and sinuses.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Fun Organizing Blog

In my never-ending, seemingly never-finishing quest for home organization, I have found a blog that appeals to me: Organizing Made Fun.  I'm hoping to implement her ideas in the coming year.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Advent Prayer Buddy Reveal, a bit late!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  My family from the West Coast came to stay for Christmas, so all of my time was spent enjoying precious togetherness.  Those of you with families a plane ride away will understand!

During the Advent Season, my prayer buddy, Eucharist Always, interceded for me. Thanks, Lena!!  I felt much calmer this Advent, which rarely happens.  Her blog is very eclectic.  Please know that your intentions will be in my prayers as well.

My assigned prayer buddy was Living God's Will.  As luck would have it, she prayed for ME last year!  Talk about retro.  I still have the pink frame you sent me!  Anyway, she is a lovely lady with a passion for life, teaching, and kittens.  Her post about making the most out of her Christmas break (especially taking the time to have fun) really inspired me.  I prayed especially to St. Joseph for her intentions.

Since it's technically the Christmas season until Epiphany, how about some more photos?  My last post talked about sentimental ornaments.  Here are some of the other ones that grace our tree:

I made this one in second (?) grade:

My husband intentionally bought this ornament because I personally thought it was hideous.  He delights in hanging it in a prominent place on the tree.

Of course, I must pay homage to my coffee addiction, I mean, affection.

This is our 2011 ornament, to remember our trip to Monterrey & Pacific Grove.

My Aunt Maureen made me this ornament back in 1980.

I'm rather apprehensive about the many unanswered questions of the coming year (more about that later), so it's time to drink some champagne in the meantime. :)

Happy and Blessed New Year to all of my readers, lurkers, and blogger friends. :)