Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Miracle in the IF Blogosphere

This quick post comes after a tiring week of putting our bathroom back together (remember the pathetic toilet leaning on its side on the garage floor?) in time to get our house appraised for a Re-Fi.  Additionally, I leave for the West Coast on Thursday.  What timing.

Anyway, I am jumping up and down to report the exciting adoption news of a fellow blogger.  She has endured failed adoptions and years of IF heartache.  God has turned her sorrow into joy!  Her baby girl is absolutely adorable. :)  Congratulations, R!


the misfit said...

Hey, may I strongly recommend you delete the post before mine? Looks like the work of our friend the por.nspammer to me. Apparently he visits us all.

Maureen said...

Please extend to her my congratulations and best wishes!! God is so good!