Friday, February 19, 2010

First Confession Kids

For the last 6 weeks, I have been preparing 18 children in my First Reconciliation class. Tomorrow they will make their First Confession/Reconciliation, so please (especially my illustrious Lenten prayer buddy) pray for them. All along, I have attempted to emphasize to the children that Confession is a wonderful, freeing sacrament and there's no need to be afraid. My hope is that God has used me to plant seeds in their hearts to want to stay close to Him always, and maybe get their parents to embrace the sacrament too.

I've always enjoyed teaching and really see it as a form of spiritual motherhood. The opportunity to be surrounded by children and help them learn is a special gift. When teaching religious education, I feel even more like a mother, as several of the children receive little to no catechises at home. Some of my students didn't know the Our Father (!) so I'm trying to help them to memorize that essential prayer. In two weeks we will begin preparation for First Holy Communion. yea!

My fridge is not yet filled with finger paintings from my own kids, but every time one of my precious little students draws a picture for me, it ends up on my fridge. This one really touched my heart:

While God has not given me any children of my own yet, He has abundantly blessed me with many spiritual children. Teaching has really helped me bear the cross of infertility and give myself to others. An added bonus: when my children go through sacramental preparation someday, I'll know what to expect. :)

Many thanks for your prayers.

P.S. My range is finally fixed and sitting in the correct spot!


Molly said...

It looks great and I love your fridge artwork!

John said...

that's a really cute picture and the range looks great! Hope there are no more "creative" wirings in the house

WheelbarrowRider said...

I loved teaching religious ed to that age group! What a blessing to spend time with them and receive such thoughtful gifts! Stove looks great!

JellyBelly said...

Great job preparing the kiddies for their First Reconciliaton! I can't wait to teach the sacraments next year when I move up to grade two. I love teaching Religion to my grade ones. They love God so purely and they try really hard to be faithful (well, at least when I remind them!). A lot of them got ashes for the first time this week and they were so cute! They were trying not to touch them all day!

Maureen said...

The children are very fortunate to have a teacher like you! Love that picture! Reminds me of many that you used to draw :-)

Percolating Petals said...

Aww, thanks everyone!! olly, maybe you should help inagurate the stove with one of your recipes.

JB, you are so right about the children's pure faith. :) I know you will do great next year with your 2nd graders!!