Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Restful Place

If you asked my husband Mark to give a full account of his mother's extended family, he would say, "Come to my home parish's cemetery." Behind the country church of St. Sylvester's is a modest cemetery dating back to 1886. An array of headstones cover the green hill. Mark can stand in his family's section and point out his grandparents (his late grandmother was buried there a few weeks ago), great aunts and great uncles, great grandparents, and the like. Many of his relatives were born, raised, married, raised kids, and died in the same area. That is so rare in today's society. Heck, I was born in California but married a guy from Kentucky. Our future generations will have to make a wall map just to figure out where their relatives lived and died! :) I mention this as Mark's granny received all of her sacraments and lived/died in the same town her entire life. Wow.

Serenity seems to permeate from this small cemetery.

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Maureen said...

Beautiful pictures and reflection!