Saturday, July 4, 2009

Here comes the HCG

At long last, the HCG update. I took this photo before seeing Sew's fabulous HCG photo. Looks like great minds think alike! :)
Just a quick warning to my casual readers: I'm about to talk about my womanly cycle and such. If you're not interested in such details, consider yourself warned. :)
* * * * *

As luck would have it, my first HCG cycle occurred in an extremely stressful period. My Creighton instructor took one look at my chart and asked, "Hmm...did something happen?" "Yes, quite a few things," I groaned. Therefore, my Peak day was way later than normal. Still, we stuck to the system and began the injections on P+3, which for me occurred on Cycle Day (CD) 24. My normal Peak Day occurs somewhere around CD 15.

Mark did the first injection straight into the middle of the upper arm, which hurt a bit more than expected. However, after reading Sew's post and subsequent comments on the HCG shots, the next time Mark injected in the back of my arm. BIG difference; I didn't feel a thing and the subsequent 3 shots went just fine. Looks like Mark could have a second career :)

HCG mostly affected my cycle length: a record-setting 34 days. My average cycles for my entire life to this point have been 25-28. Quite a change. Also, my usual PMS symptom of hypersensitivity was squelched majorly. My one complaint about the shots is that it caused more than a week of "pre-cramps" pain. Normally such pain is a signal that the next period is imminent. However, with so many days of this pain, I couldn't tell if it was due to regular period stuff or (a small hope) that we had actually conceived. To make a long story short, AF arrived and a new cycle has begun.

I think this present cycle, which occurs in a more relaxed atmosphere (our vacation to Southern California occurs during this time), will tell more of the HCG's effect. In addition, my doctor has ordered a blood test after the 2nd cycle. Amazingly, my wonderful blood test buddy is ALSO on the shots, so we have been swapping shots stories and the like. At least my fear of needles has begun to subside.


prayerfuljourney said...

That is great that your fear of shots has begun to subside. Much to my surprise...I've been doing my shots myself. I was proud of I need to see if I can watch a nurse take my blood. hmmm...I always turn away. Glad to hear the Hc.g wasn't too it me or does the pamphlets that come with the meds kind of scare you? I always read them and that too much pain? Should I feel that? I like to worry. I just had an Hc.g shot myself and so far so good for side effects. I'm also on far so good on that too. Maybe this new dr does know what he's doing. Amen to that. Praise God. I always try to find good in everything and everyone. Good luck with it all...prayers and blessings.

Sew said...

I started giving them in the abdomen and that was such a no no. Now I give them in the thigh! I am excited that I don't have any PMS symptoms either! Let's just say I don't feel post peak at all and that I am excited about!

Go figure the barren chick lacks HCG to make her "happy"! :)

I tried to lay down on the couch for my shot but my DH wouldn't let me. :) I had to stand! Hahahaha! I am trying to milk it before he makes me do it by myself. :) I am not there yet! ;)