Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Big Answer

On Friday I finally had my follow-up appointment with the NaPro doctor. After the blood test ordeal, I went into the appointment expecting some pills, lifestyle changes (All You Who Hope is on a special diet), etc. Relatively easy remedies with perhaps some direction.

Nope. Excuse me as I vary from writing information and ranting. I hope these results shed some light in case one of my anonymous readers out there has experienced the same thing.

So the doctor went through each blood test. Apparently my Estrogen levels are fine up until ovulation and then plummet afterwards. Remedy: oral estrogen pills.

The progesterone, however, was a different story. The doctor informed me that my progesterone were EXTREMELY low, in fact the lowest he's seen in 8 years. Oh great, I muttered inwardly. Those are the kind of records that one does not want to hold!!

The remedy? Injections of progesterone. AAACK! It has taken quite a long time to get over a deep-seeded fear of needles. Obviously, my recent blood test adventures took quite a toll. Were it not for Miss Betty's blood taking prowess, I would run away from every needle. However, these home injections did not sit well with me. My husband will have to give them to me on P+3, 5, 7, and 9 each month for 6 months. Arrgg!

Of course DH had to joke that he gave injections to calves growing up on the farm. The doctor took out a syringe and injected me with some arm-numbing fluid just to show DH how to do it. Really, was that necessary? It didn't help that the doctor joked that the injections had to be given in the eyeball. Thankfully, the home injections will be given with a diabetic needle, which is very small and relatively painless.

Every other cycle I will get a blood test (thankfully, only 1) to see how everything is working. The doctor concluded that I have some major signs pointing to endometriosis, which includes low progesterone. He remains hopeful that the shots & hormones may correct things anyway. We'll follow up with him in 6 months.

So after the ultrasounds, the condescending looks from the doctors, fruitless Clomid, blood tests up the wazoo, numerous doctor appointments, this is getting real old, real fast. I am still grateful for our NaPro doctor, however, because he treats me like a person ("not like a cow!" he said) and has given us a lot of answers. This cross is just getting heavier. I wish my words could echo that of a blog entitled, "This Cross I Embrace." Right now, my words are more like, "This Cross Stinks but I'll Carry it Anyway. GRR!"

Around Easter time we had made a prayerful decision to pursue foreign adoption (really, I was going to blog about it but wanted to get my thoughts in order!). I had just began to accept that God's plan for our family only included adoption. But this ordeal and the coming 6 months have thrown a huge curve ball.

We have a flurry of activities in the coming week, so hopefully as my anger and sullen feelings begin to wane (we hope!) I can post more about the treatment and the results. Blood Test Buddy and I think we should add monthly massages to our hormone treatment plans.


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

First, let me ease your mind by saying that my blog title is one that I STRIVE towards, but don't live every day :)

OMG, you poor thing!! So many needles! (That eyeball joke is NOT FUNNY... though, I have to admit, I did laugh. I probably would have punched him if it were ME he was talking about, though!)

Injections of progesterone are MUCH much stronger and more effective treatment than oral or vaginal suppositories- so, if it makes you feel ANY better, he is doing the most effective thing for you right now.
(hCG injections help to boost your progesterone AND estrogen levels in post-Peak, so I'm wondering why he didn't try that right away?? Did he mention them to you at all?)

I know it's overwhelming to start getting answers (especially when the "answers" are along the lines of, "this is what's wrong with you..."), but keep on trekking through this. This too shall pass! Progesterone is such a CRUCIAL part of fertility, and hopefully this treatment will be crucial in restoring your natural fertility process.

God Bless!

Faith for Fertility said...

I just wanted to echo TCIE's comment.
I'm sure you're glad to be getting answers, but they can be difficult to swallow. You are in my thoughts!

prayerfuljourney said...

I did the prog injections too (my mom had to do them because my dh nearly passes out when he sees a needle). They were okay to deal with. Unfortunately, I was allergic to the injections so I had to do oral prog and suppositories. That didn't work so now on Wedes...I'm doing the surgery to see if I have endo and blocked tubes. Gosh...this is so much fun I can't stand it! Haaa!!! Prayers and blessings to you. May the Good Lord give us all some answers.

Lori said...

I had to use progesterone injections, too. They aren't much fun, but I pray that they will help!

Maureen said...

I know this is very hard. You are a hero to endure all of this. You have a lot of support and prayers from CA.

John said...

I love you Kristy! I hate to see you go through all of this... not just the general stuff, but the needles. Kinda like green beans or peas, right? :) I do, however, think you should pursue your plan for massages.

Maureen said...

You know, Mellow Me Out at Sacramento State has shoulder and neck massages. Hey Kristy, why don't you stop by and get one? We could do lunch! :-) Wishful thinking!!!! Only 6 more weeks till I can hug you!

Kasclar said...

[[HUGS]] I'm keeping you in my prayers!! Let's do lunch, SOON!! May 15 good for you?? Email me.

:) Kerri

Sew said...

Hilarious! Right, nothing about this post was something to laugh about! But the whole Dh saying he used to inject cows he can easily inject you. Then you saying that atleast your Napro Dr. doesn't treat you like a cow, yet your Dh....well you get it! Totally laughing over here!

How one girl's ugg is another girls want! I want HCG injections so badly I can't seem to contain myself! I pass out at the sight of needles. But my DH is going to have to do them. I already have a back up to give them to me. So I hope I can get them.

Now, if you think you have endo, why would you want to check that out first before all of this? Just wondering? Because due to my high pain intolerance (totally bragging, but not proud of it) I didn't think endo was my issue. Until they found stage IV endo with it everywhere even on my bowel. It was a mess in there and without a lap I would have never have known. :) ??

Sew said...

my word verification was uproti! :) I was thinking up root of your plans! ;)

Sew said...

I kid you not my next word verification was marys!!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck is going on here?!