Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick Takes Friday: Wacky Weather Edition

Seeing as KB has gone down for a nap (oh, the joys of nap training), why not some quick takes?

Many thanks to the commenters who suggested tunes to add to my iPod library.  Please, can you help me expand my horizons with your favorite song(s)? 

So it's only the first complete week of September, but the weather feels like October.  A rather large tropical storm has decided to hover over this part of the country, dumping lots of rain.  If only there was a way to push the cloud towards Texas.

Last week we found a strange visitor in our master bathroom.  We have no idea how this fellow got in:

One of the bloggers at Faith and Family Live is running a donation drive for her infertile sister.  She and her husband are traveling to Omaha to receive treatment at the PPVI center.  The blogger has 6 kids herself and stated how watching her sister's IF journey has affected her.  I was so touched to read the comments of the people who donated (you still can via PayPal).  Truly, an example of a village coming together. :)  I consider donating to such causes (please alert me if any IF bloggers out there have something like this) part of tithing.

You've heard of working mom's guilt?  Try Stay-at-home guilt.  It's a phenomenon that I never expected to experience.  Thankfully it's not 24/7.  Although my husband continues to assure me that my care of KB is important (and I know that), I sometimes feel less useful.  Like there's nothing monetary to show for my labors other than sweeping up Che.erios before someone squishes them.  Part of this is coming from the fact that school has started and I'm not in the classroom.  Not that I regret the time spent with KB; that working part of me says I should be doing more.  And then the IF experience comes back to say, "What's wrong with you?  You wanted this."
For all of you Catholics, there's an awesome priest named Fr. Robert Baron who has crafted a stunning documentary series on the history of the Church entitled "The Catholicism Project."  He also has a complete media ministry via Word On Fire, including an app.  I especially like listening to his Gospel reflections.
I'm trying to go to the gym multiple days a week in order to get back in shape.  Sadly, my weight isn't too far away from my 9MONTHS preggo weight.  :(  Pathetic, unhealthy, not to mention dangerous if/when we start trying for #2 via adoption or natural).  Thankfully our gym has a kid club where KB can hang out.  For added incentive, I'm training for a 5k run for Veterans in November.  Hopefully this will work!

KB has passed many milestones lately.  She will turn 10 months on Sunday.  Oh where, oh where has the time gone?
Crawling lots and lots

No need for the play gym anymore. :(

Pulling herself up like a big girl.

More crawling and exploring!

Curls keep a'coming!

Have a blessed weekend!!


WheelbarrowRider said...

Great pics!
It is good to hear from you!

Percolating Petals said...

Thanks, WR! I'm glad at least someone is still reading my blog. :)