Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter to The Adoption Report

Alleluia! He is risen!! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. My part of the country had an unseasonably warm Easter weekend, so that only added to the joy of the Resurrection.
This past Lent, over 40 Infertility bloggers participated in a prayer buddy effort. Each blogger was given the name of a fellow IF blogger to pray for throughout Lent. I had the pleasure of praying for K of "The Adoption Report." She is an incredible mom of 2 adopted children and seeking to adopt a third. Unfortunately, her blog went private halfway through Lent and I knew I would give myself away by emailing her to read it! Don't worry, K, your package will be mailed this week. Your perseverance really inspires me and I hope the prayers for you this Lent helped you.


the misfit said...

But then she went unprivate again! Haha. I guess you had to have the permission in order to know that. (Never occurred to me that she would suspect me because I asked!)

He is risen indeed!

lowly said...

AH!! How did I not invite you! I am a loser! Invite on the way...thanks so much for the prayers...I love that a fellow infertile, adoptive mom to be, was praying for me!!! :)

lowly said...

Oh, I know why I didn't intive you...I don't have your email address!!

-K from the Adoption Report

Percolating Petals said...

OK, I emailed the addy listed on your profile. Can't wait to get updated!! :)