Thursday, August 27, 2009

Power of Prayer

Thanks again to everyone's support with enduring the newest adoption roadblock. Already my hubby and I have cut back on bad foods and started exercising more. I also plan to post healthy recipes once in a while.

My blood test buddy had a laparoscopy (with a NaPro surgeon) yesterday. This past Monday, some of us from the support group gathered with her for evening Mass and afterwards sat with her as she received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. I know quite a few people who received this sacrament prior to surgery and felt great peace afterwards.

It was so inspiring to gather as a group and pray for blood test buddy. Somehow the experience seemed more powerful when shared with women who were experiencing the same cross as me. Blood test buddy went into her surgery peaceful and hopeful, cheered by the presence of friends. From what I can tell through text messages, the surgery was a success. Yea for the power of prayer!

The only rough spot of the night was after Mass an acquaintance came up to me and asked if I was expecting. (!!!!) Perhaps my shirt looked too much like a maternity shirt. Ugh, I've never been asked that question. I quickly said "No. Actually, I'm sitting here with our infertility support group." The lady felt bad and then tried to tell us about how so many people she knew have adopted and then got know how it goes. We just asked her to pray for us.

I'm glad at least my IF friends were there to keep me from responding with snarky comments. :) Also, the priest who anointed blood test buddy was delighted to hear that we had NaPro physicians in our part of the country.


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Yay for blood test buddy's surgery!!

Ughh about the pg comment :( I got one of those from an acquaintance who knows I'm going through IF, but hadn't seen me in a while. She asked if I was pg, and I was already feeling horrible because that month I had put on almost 10 lbs out of nowhere, was feeling incredibly distended and bloated in the abdominal area, etc. When I said no, I just had gained a ton of water weight, she quickly apologized and turned red.

But somehow I think I was the more embarassed one :(

I have learned to NEVER ask 2 questions. "Are you pg?" or "So, when are you 2 going to have kids?"

prayerfuljourney said...

Even if I'm sure someone is pregnant...I don't ask...I usually find out other ways. I thought my neighbor was pg again...I never asked...she isn't...they were selling all their baby stuff at a garage sale. She never lost the baby weight she gained after the second child. I know that happens. That's a blessing that your btb got the anointing before surg...I wish I had thought about that. I didn't feel the Lord's presence at all...but I knew in my heart He was there. I felt comforted knowing my dh was there when I woke up too. :)

Tucked Beneath His Wing said...

That is so awesome that your group got together to pray and have mass for your friend and witness the annointing. I had an annointing before my laparoscopy and it was a beautiful experience. Ugg about that question! When I try shirts on at the store I always put anything back on the rack that I think looks maternity-like. It is hard because there are so many cute shirts out there these days. Glad you had your friends there to support you, because that is the worst question ever!! Good luck with the new diet and exercise program - it will be worth it!