Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HCG update

I'm taking a break from lesson plans to blog. Call it distraction or procrastination....I'll call it therapy.

My NaPro doctor called a few days ago with the report of my recent blood test. My hormone levels have increased, but he would like to see them a little higher. So I will have to get another blood test in this present cycle to determine if the HCG dosage needs to increase.

If you recall, the hormone profile/8 blood tests ordeal revealed my hormone levels were very, VERY low, particularly after ovulation. When the doctor told me the levels were the lowest he's seen in his years of practice, I panicked a bit. But after 2 cycles of the HCG shots, I'm overall pleased with the results.

The 2 biggest changes with HCG have been my cycle lengthening substantially and a lessening of cramps. Normally I am glued to the heating pad on CDs 2-4 due to extreme cramping pain and nausea. Since taking the HCG, these symptoms have lessened. Not eliminated, but lessened. That improvement alone has made it worth it. My husband has become quite adept at giving the shots; I barely feel the needle. I would definitely choose the shots over my previous painful cramps.

Whether or not these shots help me get pregnant (a hope that seems to be fading), I'm grateful that they have helped my overall health. ME, grateful for a shot. Hell has frozen over!! :)


Sew said...

My sentiments exactly! I crave HCG! I have to have it! Mr. Sew giving Mrs. Sew a shot, Hell really has frozen over!

I encourage to hope like there is no tomorrow. Hope that God is going to bless your future abundantly! Hope! Hope! Hope! I don't want you to think well that is easy for her to say. But really, if I had any idea that I even had a chance to have gotten pregnant I would have hoped like there was no tomorrow. I look back and think I should have always held on to hope and not just only sometimes. ;)

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I am so happy to hear this!! Don't lose hope, you are just now embarking on the WONDERFUL world of NaPro treatment, and their success rates are phenomenal! :) I have lots of hope for you.

God Bless!

Maureen said...

Yes, hell has frozen over! You looking forward to a shot! I speak from years of experience with you :-) You have reached a new level of tolerance :-) I'm so happy to hear about the beneficial effects on your cramps!

the misfit said...

Wow, that's saying something. I haaaate shots and I've been figuring that would be my line in the sand, but after hearing how well everyone is doing on HCG, I feel like I have to at least ask my doctor about it. Here's hoping you continue to feel better - and this is the treatment you need to get your bfp!

Percolating Petals said...

Thanks for the support, everyone! Just thinking about "craving" HCG makes me laugh! Misfit, the needles are very tiny (like diabetic size) so they are easier to handle. I hope the shots help you too.

Thanks for the reminder to hope. :)