Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Takes: Extra Crispy Edition

1.  Yowzer! A heat wave has hit most of the Midwest and beyond.  Thankfully, KB and I have been going to our local Y almost every afternoon to swim in the blissfully cool water.  My mom wisely suggested equipping my little fish with a floatie, as she delights in scurrying in and out of the pool.  I'm getting a workout chasing after her!  However, KB is becoming more comfortable in the water, which has been my goal all along.

2.  We had a delightful two-week visit with my parents.  It was so difficult to see them go, as I had gotten used to the normalcy of their presence and extra hands to help with KB!  However, the one thing that extreme distance from family does is force us to work hard at staying in touch instead of becoming complacent. 

3.  During my parents' visit, we went to an indoor garden/conservatory that hosted an annual butterfly show.  One area of the conservatory is completely sealed off so the butterflies can fly freely.  I particularly enjoyed getting a closer look at the enchanting Butt.erfly.

4.  The Cathedral in my diocese recently opened its newly built perpetual adoration chapel.  The architecture and decor are simply stunning and add so much to the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.  Talk about a peaceful and gorgeous prayer atmosphere.  Blood Test Buddy's brother designed it too. :)  

5.  To better aid in keeping in touch with family and taking more photos, I bought the new iPod Touch thanks to a Mothers' Day gift.  It has a camera and camcorder to capture more of KB's moments.  To help me keep track of the iPod and protect it from a certain toddler's hands, I bought a hot pink cover now dubbed "the Pin.k Pan.ther."  Not only can the device send photos instantly, I can also Fa.ce or with my parents and siblings as long as I'm on a wireless network. 

6.  In the always "enthralling" cycle department, we have just finished our 4th cycle of HCG.  No luck yet. :( We have about one or two months left of HCG, and then another visit to the NaPro doctor will be in order. 

7. has finally opened in my city!  Yea!  Yes, that makes Quick Takes news in my world.  With the recent arrival of, having more of my favorite West Coast chains have brought a taste of home to my area.  I'm sure many ex-Californians came to the grand opening today.  I often meet them at the mall's Se.e's Can.dies display at Christmas.  

Stay cool out there and eat lots of ice cream! 


Kasclar said...

Where did you get that floaty for KB? I am looking for something for the boys for when we go to the beach in September, where there is also a pool. And where is that conservatory?

WheelbarrowRider said...

Love the pics and extra jealous of your frequent pool time. I just had a lap so no pool for 2-4 weeks for me. Boo! Yes, def hot in the midwest, crispy is the right word for sure. Glad you had some extra help for a bit, grandparents are the best! p.s. We just saw the butterflies in Omaha zoo and they were so incredible! Kids loved it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're able to stay cool in the pool! I can't wait to get Isaac comfortable with the water - I'm hoping to get him started with swim lessons soon.

Percolating Petals said...

Hey Kerri-- the floatie was from Buy.Buy.Baby. Best invention ever! KB walks around so much and won't hold my hand, so the floatie has provided peace of mind.

Wheelbarrow Rider, I hope your recovery goes well. Too bad you aren't a bit closer; you could come to the pool as our guests! And Callmemama, I'm sure Issac will become a little fish soon.