Friday, April 13, 2012

Padded Anvils and Prayer Buddy Reveal

Padded anvils? Huh?  Yep, it's another random metaphor courtesy of me.  Bear with me.  And for those of you young whippersnappers who did not grow up with Lo.oney Tu.nes, anvils often fell randomly from the sky onto unsuspecting characters.

I am still very touched at the kind comments, support, and prayers in response to our miscarriage.  Thank you, blogosphere, for the virtual hugs.  Our friends and family have stepped forward to pray and support us as well.  Two friends even left cupcakes on my doorstep! Our mantle is full of cards from friends, assuring prayers and support.

So what about the padded anvil?  Well, as the cliche goes, "Stuff" happens (insert your own moniker for "stuff") to all of us.  Many times the painful situation, illness, IF, etc. just falls out of the sky.  Our miscarriage felt like that: out of nowhere, exciting news turned to immense sorrow. And those two weeks of doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and most horrendous of all, not knowing if our baby was alive or dead, felt like one BIG random anvil.  And we felt rather crushed.

Frequently people will say, "all I can do is pray."  Well, I can attest that prayer made a huge difference.  I have found the prayers and support of family and friends have padded this anvil, lessening its blow.  Yes, the sorrow was ever present, but it did not destroy us.  Surprisingly, I have not been angry at God, unlike in calamities past, just very sad.  Many coincidences (Divine Providence) happened too.  And every card, text, email, comment, cupcake (oh, so delicious!), helped us go on further.

Without the prayers and kindness of our loved ones, our anvil would have hit much harder.  I'm grateful that the news accidentally got out on fa.cebook instead of me staying silent.  Thanks especially to those of you who have prayed for us behind the scenes.

For Lenten Prayer Buddies, I prayed for J at Growing the Garcia Family. I enjoyed reading her "small successes" posts!  My prayer buddy was none other than K of All You Who Hope.  Her prayers and support touched me deeply, particularly as hers was the first IF blog I read during my IF journey.

My friend K sent me a profound reflection on miscarriage as well as blessing of a couple who has just endured one.  We may try to have this blessing said at Rachel's memorial Mass next month.

Be blessed as the season of Easter continues. :)


Kasclar said...

I'm so glad you have had such a wonderful outpouring of support!!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

So sorry to read about your recent miscarriage. :( I'm so glad you are receiving such wonderful support!

I saw your comment on my last post--yes, there are lots of great kid-friendly things to do in Omaha! Back in October I did a series of posts on shopping, restaurants and attractions in Omaha, check those out! DEFINITELY go to the Henry Doorly Zoo, if you do nothing else. You won't regret it! (But pack a lunch--concessions are high priced!) It's hands-down my favorite place to go in Omaha, but there are many other museums, parks, and attractions as well.

JJ's Mom said...

Thank you so much for the prayers an support during the Lenten season! It's been a very busy time of year for me, so I apologize for not reaching out to you sooner. I hope you and your family continue to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. God Bless!

Percolating Petals said...

thanks, dear ladies! Hebrews, I'm going to save your suggestions.

JJ's Mom, I'm glad you benefited from the prayer and thanks for the prayers for our family.