Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Baptism at Last and Back in the Saddle

Ah, summertime.  We took a 2-week vacation to my California home, so I apologize for the silence in the blog room. My next post will show and tell of the highlights, including a sailboat ride! yea.  Honestly, I think Summer 2011 has been our busiest on record.

Anyway, longtime readers of my blog may remember my friend K, who has 3 babies in heaven (most recently in June 2010).  She gave birth to healthy twin boys in May and they were baptized three weeks ago.  It was such a joy to behold K and her husband holding two babies dressed in white, surrounded by family and friends.  Nearly a year ago, the same family and friends had stood with them in sorrow, beholding the tiny coffin of their daughter, who died at 12 (?) weeks.  We had also gathered to say farewell to their other two babies in the previous years. Those funerals always confounded me:  This isn't right.  They should be holding their baby in their arms, not seeing him/her lay lifeless in a coffin.  (These are the moments when I greatly dislike God's will).

I am so thrilled that God has turned their immense sorrow into joy.  K has also used her sorrowful experiences to reach out to others.  As the priest said to K and her husband, "Many people have been aching for you for this day to come."  I think of the many IF sisters in the blogosphere and beyond (particularly one in Boston :) ) who are still aching.  Many of us are aching for you, too.  May God turn your sorrow into joy someday.