Saturday, January 16, 2010

Medical Update

After a crazy busy week while fighting another sinus infection, I finally have a chance to post the results of my NaPro doctor visit. First of all, thanks to all my blogger and Facebook Friends who prayed for me. I was not as nervous and uptight like usual.

Part of the worry for this appointment was the possibility of surgery (laparoscopy). I would have to go to a NaPro surgeon 3 hours away. The biggest obstacle is the likelihood that insurance would not cover it. With our fervent adoption endeavors, we would be faced with a huge, agonizing choice. As my husband told me, I would have to think carefully if forgoing the surgery meant I would ask "What if?" for the rest of my life.

The good news? The doc doesn't even want to look at surgery for another 6 months. The "new" news? I need to start making a collage of pharmacy medication bottles. The doctor added 3 more items to my medical regimen. At least one of the three is finally covered by insurance. The fact that the doctor still wants to go the medicinal route most likely means there is some hope. Even if I don't get pregnant, I'll be grateful that the meds helped me become healthier.

The doctor was pleased with my progress on the HCG shots. In fact, my most recent cycle began with very minor cramps (!), for the first time in my entire life. He did, however, want the mucus to improve. I had hoped he would take away Femara ($48 for 9 pills; still makes me a little nauseous) but no luck. The new meds he added are Naltrexone (supposed to help PMS and sustain a possible pregnancy) and Amoxicillin.

We told the doctor of our adoption endeavors and our budget concerns. He promised to take these things into consideration. It's so wonderful to have a doctor who actually cares.

So, in all its glory, here is my laundry list of medications and what they're for. Hopefully my lurking, silent readers may see something that might help them too. :)

Pre-Natal vitamins
Advil (cramps, aches, pains)
Vitamin B-6 (help C. mucas)
HCG injections on Peak + 3, 5, 7, 9 (help balance my hormones)
Femara (a Clomid alternative)
Naltrexone (PMS, sustaining a possible pregnancy)
Amoxicillin (help mucas)
Vitamin D-3 (recommended by our Creighton instructor)

I had to buy one of those plastic pill boxes to keep everything together! Aaack. Anyway, thanks again for your prayers and support.


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

This looks very promising, K! I think Naltrexone will definately help you, as well as the amoxicillin (it works WONDERS on mucus, just wait!)
I'm also glad your Dr's not rushing to get you under the knife. These tweaks here and there may be all you need to improve conditions for conception.

Have you checked your thyroid hormones, too? That might be worth looking into, the thyroid is crucial in all of this.

God Bless!

Ryan Ann said...

Sounds like a great plan! Keep me posted. There are a few other natural herbs that help as well. The previous comment has some good advice. Definitely make sure they check your thyroid levels as well as testosterone and DHEA. You know where to find me if you have any questions :-)

mrsblondies said...

I'm glad that you have some time before you would need to consider surgery. I hope your meds help you out. It's wonderful that your doctor will take your adoption process concerns into account.

Sew said...

Have you ever had a lap?

Looks great, I'm so excited for both opportunities!

Percolating Petals said...

Thanks for the support, everyone. Hello to my fellow Californian, Ryan!!

Nope, I've never had a lap. So if the doc recommends surgery, it would be a lap with the NaPro surgeon. Blood Test Buddy was under the knife for 4 hours with him! Apparently he did a great job. We'll see what happens.

Tucked Beneath His Wing said...

Glad the appointment went well and you have some time before having to make a surgery decision. I too went out and bought a grandpa pill case. It is kind of crazy to bust that out of my purse at work or when I am out to dinner, but it is really helpful. Hope your new meds do the trick for you.