Friday, April 10, 2009

No Greater Love

Good Friday is an ordinary day for many throughout the world, but an extraordinary day for Christians everywhere. Catholic exchange has a wonderful article called Extreme Love on the Cross. The poem at the end of the article is most haunting:

There He hangs--pale figure
pinned against the wood.
God grant that I could love Him
as I really know I should.
I draw a littler closer to share the love divine
and almost hear Him whisper,
"Oh foolish child of Mine!
If I should now embrace you
My hands would stain you red

And if I leaned to whisper,
the Thorns would pierce your head."
Then I knew in silence
that love demands a price
'Twas then I learned that suffering
is but the kiss of Christ.

-Poem to Christ Crucified by Caryll Houselander

Whether our suffering includes infertility, mourning the loss of a child, disease, pain, and heartbreak, today is a perfect day to unite our pain to that of Jesus' on the cross and look forward to His resurrection.