Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blood Test Marathon: Day 3

One simple test has caused so much problems. Arrg! The blood tests are taken Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for 2 weeks. So on Monday, I went to the lab. Thankfully, one of the girls from our SHE group also had blood work. We're calling ourselves "Blood Test Buddies." The phlebotomist could not find my vein; any needle pricks resulted in no blood coming out. After numerous attempts in both arms, she finally collected the sample from the top of my hand. Thankfully, Blood Test Buddy held my hand as the extraction was quite painful.

After announcing my trauma on Facebook and telling several friends, I was advised to find another phlebotomist. Not knowing if my paperwork could be faxed to another lab, Blood Test Buddy and I returned to the same place on Wednesday. Perhaps some delusional part of me thought Monday's nightmare was only a fluke and unrepeatable.

WRONG! The same thing happened. This time, the phlebotomist couldn't even get the blood to come out of my hand. She finally sent me to her colleague across town. I showed up in that lab with 3 band-aids: my left hand and both inside forearms. Blood Test Buddy kindly came with me, despite the fact her blood had actually come out of her arm at the former lab. The test at the new lab went differently. The new phlebotomist "Miss Betty" found my vein within seconds and completed the test within a minute.

Thankfully, I learned my lessons: go with a friend for support and find a good phlebotomist!


Faith for Fertility said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry! I hope you keep going to "Miss Betty", she sounds like a much better phlebotomist!

Kasclar said...

The right phlebotomist can make ALL the difference! Glad to hear things went much better at the second lab.

prayerfuljourney said...

I'm a "hardstick" too. Lab people always have a hard time finding my veins. Gosh...last time I needed a blood draw (On a Sunday of my cycle timings) I went to an Imme.diate type place and the lab lady couldn't get it so I had to drive about 25 mins to the hs.p. A nurse at the h.sp was able to do it but I literally had 11 or more pokes! I need to remember to drink a TON of water before a draw. Did they tell you that too?

Spudsmama said...

Hurray for Miss Betty and Blood Test Buddy! I guess it's worth the drive across town if Miss Betty can stick you so easily. I pray the next session is much less...exciting.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Oh you poor thing!! The same thing happened to my hubby when we got our Immunology testing last week. They can never find his veins!
I'm glad you found a better lab (and nurse) for the next few days of tests.