Friday, March 20, 2009

NaPro News & Adoption Discernment

Once again, another gap of news on the infertility front has passed. It seemed as if many appointments and frantic Creighton Method learning came all at once. Add to that Church meetings and the busiest time of year for Irish Dancers (St. Patrick's Day) and PRESTO! One long gap. So I'll try to condense the update as much as possible.

First of all, we were all set to get the hormone blood test (you get a blood test every other day for concrete proof of ovulation) when the doctor reminded us that he wanted to learn the Creighton Method first. Thankfully, the Creighton instructor squeezed us in a few days after my cycle had started. Mark and I had learned and used the CCL sympto-thermal method when we got married. We like the Creighton Method a bit better, but it does take some adjustment. We have to chart for one more cycle and then visit the doctor for a follow-up. Our instructor has asked me to start taking Vitamin B-6 to help with improving mucus. I'll post on the ongoing progress.

Thanks to a fellow support group member and my Lenten penance, I'm also trying to spend time in the gym. The NaPro doctor recommended exercise & weight loss as a key to avoiding PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), which I'm already showing some warning signs. I'm surprised at the difference in stamina, particularly for the past few dance performances.

Finally, we met with a second adoption agency last week. The head of the agency had come highly recommended from various friends. After meeting with her for an hour, we could see why. She answered all of our questions and even gave us thoughts to consider. She informed us that South Korea has only a 10-month waiting time. Additionally, we could qualify for that country upon our 3-year wedding anniversary this July. I'll write more later about Korea, in case some readers are interested.

The picture on this post really shows our need for discernment; we have two pathways to follow. The question is which one...or how much of both paths to tread upon.


Living Advent said...

Congrats on a good meeting with the second adoption agency. Have you seen the movie "Adopted"? I highly recommend it.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Very cool! I'm excited about your progress on both fronts- - we, too, are pursuing treatments and adoption at the same time, for now. Once we hit our 3 yr mark (August) we may just concentrate on adoption.
But since you just started with NaPro, I'd definately give it a good, hearty chance! I have lots of hope for you :)