Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So flattered & flabbergasted!!!

I just want to say THANK YOU...I have received so many positive comments following the show last night ("Barren & Blessed: The Plight of Infertility" on Living His Life Abundantly). Johnette is a fabulous interviewer and made us feel as if we were sitting in her living room. Even more so, I thank God for giving me the words to say, as I was a bit nervous. My heart is grateful for all of the family & friends who prayed for me during the taping and continue to do so through the infertility journey. The kind feedback has flattered and amazed me. If you still want to catch the re-airings of the show:

Tuesday Feb. 3rd: 4:00 am EST (I'm missing that one)
Wednesday Feb. 4th: 2:00pm EST
Friday Feb. 6th: 10:00am EST

The episode number is 447, if you want to order. Again, many thanks.


Sew said...

I am going to hunt for the episode now! YOu have been the buzz in our NaproTech group! Hope to read more of your story and catch the episode!!

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Hi Kristy!
I just wanted to stop by and express my thanks and congrats on a great show, as well! You really did an excellent job :)
I am also THRILLED to see you have started working with NaPro... I just cannot say enough about them, and if anyone can find the answer to a couple's IF, it's them.

PS, St. Therese is my patron Saint, as well :)
Happy to have found your blog- come visit mine anytime!

Find joy in every journey said...

I can't get EWTN in my area on cable but am so glad that you are speaking out about infertility. It really is the suffering silent. God Bless you and your ministry!

Faith for Fertility said...

I haven't finished watching it yet, but what I have (1st 10 mins) is great. Thank you so much for going on the show! I can't wait to see the rest of it when I get home tonight.

Kasclar said...

Hi Kristy! I managed to watch the show last night online (my laptop worked the whole time, yeah!!). Really enjoyed it and you did a great job!! See you on Thursday. -Kerri

Kristy said...

Thank you, everyone!! :)