Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Neverending Sinusinfection Edition

1.  Ah, the optimism of my last post.  Little did I know that KB would fall prey to croup, a viral infection I thought had disappeared years ago.  Let's just say I'm better informed now, especially after a Sunday afternoon visit to the local children's urgent treatment clinic. KB's fever is gone, but she is still coughing after two weeks.  I also learned another vital lesson: adults can't get croup (our airways are bigger), but they can catch the cold or infection.  Ergo, two weeks later I am walking around with a sinus infection.  Thankfully, my OB/GYN prescribed me a z-pack.  Hopefully health will return soon.  Everything last week went on hiatus: Bible study, Gymb.oree, any type of activity, even (gasp!) Irish dancing, and (obviously), blogging.

2.  I think the facial tissue corporations should personally thank me for keeping them in business.  This household has consumed a lion's share of tissues the past two weeks.  We also are running low on herbal tea.

3.  Some of the worst words to hear on a Thursday night, after a long day at work or caring for a sick child:
"The bathroom is flooded!" my friend announced.  I ran downstairs to find brown water (use your imagination) spewing out of the sink.  I sprinted back upstairs to deliver the unwelcome message to my hubby, who had barely sat down.  Despite the yuck, we were lucky.  The water never reached beyond our bathroom.  We also found a new respect for emergency plumbers who show up at 11pm at night!

4.  Les Miserables (the movie) surpassed my expectations after seeing the show three times on stage.  The always poignant melodies intertwined with the movie's cinematography.  I especially liked Hath.away and Hug.h's performances.  While Russel Cro.we's singing wasn't the best, he definitely made a sinister Javert whom you love to hate.

Fr. Robert Baron has an excellent commentary on the Catholic themes found in Les Miserables.  The video has a few spoilers, so you may want to wait to view it until after the movie.  Special thanks to my parents for baby-sitting KB so my hubby and I could watch the long movie!!

5.  For the past 3 weeks, the fiancee of  a friend has stayed at our house for the past 3 weeks.  Not only has the extra company been welcome, her coming forced the household to re-evaluate the room situations.  We decided to relocate the guest room to the ground floor, making the present guest room the soon-to-be baby room.  This decision also involved excessive purging of junk in order to make the new guest room livable.

6.  Shoved To Them is hosting a unique campaign called "Dump the Frump."  The idea greatly appeals to me, as I notice a difference that a few touches of makeup and cute clothes can make.  I definitely feel more confident, even if a particular day's outings only consist of a wagon ride around the block and a trip to RiteAid.  My new favorite quick make-up goodies are Benefit's Fine-one-one stick and BellaBamba blush.  A little of each of those puppies goes a long way.

Have a great weekend, and please stay healthy!

KB now thinks that car doors are overrated, and attempts to enter her chic "Coz.y" in Dukes of Hazzard Style!

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