Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

1.  Mother Nature corrected the unseasonably warm weather earlier this week: as I type this post, flakes are falling.  At least we have a Mahe.r concert tomorrow night to keep the cold away.  His music is absolutely amazing. :)

2.  Some KB (who will turn 15 months tomorrow) milestones: imitating!  She can drink out of an empty coffee cup (gee, where did she learn that?), rub her hands (as if with sanitizer), brush/comb hair, and mimic words.

3.  The HHS mandate for Catholic institutions has been in the news this week.  I think cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan succinctly explains in a WSJ editorial why this is such a big deal to Catholics.

4. In reference to #4, I am a non-partisan voter.  Always have been.  Several of my friends and family who work for the church could lose their health insurance if the mandate goes into law. The mere idea of the government imposing its will on a religious group and its tenants scares me.  So the issue is not about partisan politics or whether or not people agree with the Church's teachings; it's about religious freedom.

5.  Soapbox over. Now that KB is one, a new chapter will begin in the coming year.  I think More Like Mary, More Like Me really hit the nail on the head about wanting more children but also afraid of what that can hold, and knowing things will get wishy washy!  Truly, I hope to post more about the matter when not confined to the boundaries of KB's nap time.

6.  I have an appointment with our NaPro doctor next Friday to discuss our quest to TTC for #2.  Two very strange cycles have emerged the past couple months that are disconcerting, so some questions need to be answered.  Oh Lord, here we go again.  Help us to keep walking though fears assail us!

To end this post on a funny note, here is one of my favorite You.Tube videos of all time.  Relax and enjoy a hilarious take on the classical symphony!


Jenny said...

We finally had some colder weather too... and a little snow. I was liking the spring type weather!

SO jealous of the Matt concert!!! Have a great time. Good luck at your appointment next Friday! Keep us updated!

Donna said...

I'm not sure I like this change in the weather either. The prediction of 1-3" turned out to be 6"+! Uggh!