Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick Takes: Apocalypse/Rapture Edition!

So according to a minute number of Christians, the world is supposed to end tomorrow.  That means this could be my final post.  Yeah.  Seriously, did these guys ever read Matthew 24:36?  Jimmy Akin penned a humorous article to explain everything.  Oh well, might as well do a Quick Takes, since my blog has been so neglected, not because the end of the world is tomorrow.

1.  Tomorrow to celebrate the end of the world (just kidding), we will attend the priestly ordination of the deacon who baptized KB.  Not only is our dear deacon a wonderful friend, he has been an incredible spiritual director too.  Most of our sessions have taken place at Star.bucks.  How cool is that?  I know he will become an incredible priest.  He was so compassionate during my infertility struggles and rejoiced at KB's arrival.

2.  I was a horrible time manager before KB.  It's gotten even worse.  With my school year ending next week and full-time motherhood kicking in, I need to make some changes.  Pronto.  Easier said than done.

3.  KB caught my stomach bug, so we have spent the majority of the week cleaning up fluids and making sure she stayed hydrated.  Her puking was prolonged enough to warrant 2 visits to the doctor.  Thankfully, she has recovered.  The episode forced me to not take her health for granted.

4.  Please, will someone invent an App to automatically mute political commercials?  We don't have an advanced TV or cable system that allows us to fast forward through those dastardly ads.

5.  My new guilty pleasure is "Ex.treme Coup.oning" on TLC.  It's so fascinating to watch these people pay so little for groceries.  However, I see disadvantages too, particularly the stockpile.  Come on, do you REALLY need 12 bottles of mustard?  Even large families we know do not have that large of a number.  Still, some of the couponers' techniques are useful.  My friend Jennifer started a blog called Jennifer Saves (love the name) where she chronicles her own savings.  She actually follows the rules at stores, and has pointed out to me that many of the TLC couponers do not.  Interesting!

6.  I am so. in. love. with this jewelry.

7.  Unlike Sew, I have not been able to lose baby weight.  The extra pounds sting even more because a mere year ago, I had lost a bunch of weight to prepare for a South Korea adoption BMI requirement.  Now that KB is 6 months old (and I can't use the "but I had a baby" excuse), she can attend the kids club at my gym AND swim in the pool with me.  Hopefully the exercise will help decrease the poundage.

8.  (sorry to go over the limit).  My friend K, who has 3 babies in heaven, will soon give birth to her twins.  I'm so glad God FINALLY turned her sorrow into joy. Her post reminds me of Always Giving Thanks's recent post, who compared her time of waiting to that of Joseph's in the Old Testament.  Infertility felt a lot like that well Joseph got thrown into: empty, dark, and seemingly no way out.  But God was (and still is, although I think He takes too long sometimes) faithful.  Keep praying for all of our IF friends out there.

I look forward to posting on Sunday, just because. :)


Tridentine Wife said...

Haha I know but just in case I'm going to confession this afternoon :)

I completely agree with #5, the stockpiling is ridiculous, and in the end do you really save if you end up having to throw away expired foods?

Sew said...

Oh well take out wheat, dairy and eggs and eat fish for dinner and eat fish for dinner and I'm sure it will melt off of you. :) My hormones are really good too. :)

I want to watch that show but I'm scared because I can't eat any of the food they coupon so it makes me mad. :) But not sure we all need to have adult diabetes. :) I did see some of them online and I thought it was a little excessive.

I could see if it was food she canned or something nurtritional. :)

Sew said...

Oh wait, I still have 20 pounds to loose too....hahahahah! I didn't loose it all! ;) Just 50 of it....