Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Costs of Infertility

Still behind.  Christmas tree?  Still in the corner of our family room.  Thank you notes?  Almost done.  Evenings? Hectic catch-up.  Blogging?  Been rather unfaithful.

Thanks for the advice for the engaged couples in the previous post.  I even took the book that TW recommended to the weekend.  The couples were very receptive when I shared our journey of infertility.

This post has long been on my heart but I could never find the right time to let it flow.  I've mentioned the fruits that have come from my infertility, but not the big costs.  Contrary to popular belief, IF continues its effects through pregnancy and even afterward.  Many people are shocked to hear that.  In no way do the following costs make me ungrateful for the gift of KB. 

IF cost me financially.  For example, Femara was $130 per month. 

IF cost me emotionally.  Enough said.  I could never fully convince myself that it wasn't my fault.  And now that motherhood has come, the worries of inadequacy come even stronger (what if this is my one shot?  I better enjoy it).

IF cost me the friendships of 2 IF friends who no longer speak to me because I now have a baby.

IF cost me the joy in the early weeks of my pregnancy.  I was absolutely petrified of miscarriage.

IF cost me the hope planning pregnancies normally. A child does not come on a platter, at least in my case.  Currently, I grapple with the knowledge that I am not ready for another baby. Yet my husband and I have always hoped for at least 2 kids so they can have siblings.  Are we closing the door of conceiving by waiting?  Or will my possible plans to further my education jeopardize a future adoption?  How I would love to be like women who can plan and space their children.

(I realize that God's providence plays a roll in this, but we have to do our part too).

The costs have taken a toll.  I never expected to feel these emotions.  But as my mom often reminds me, the IF experience always stays with you.  Perhaps mine has just taken much longer. 

The costs were high, but so worth taking them on in order to wake up to this little face every morning:

I've done too many serious posts lately, so next one will talk about a cake mix experiment!


Chasing said...


Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

I couldn't have said it better.

Christina @ Faith for Fertility said...

Beautiful. The post and your daughter!

Tridentine Wife said...

Ohh how I so know what you're talking about (even if it doesn't seem that way lol). After finding out I was pregnant again so soon, I couldn't help thinking that I am glad God gave me another one so soon just in case...and struggling with the debt we incurred with the first pg. So true. IF really does take its toll on you and the weight of it feels tremendous.

I am so sorry you lost two friends because of your gift though, I'm sure that was hard to take. Your little girl is gorgeous and the outfit is super cute!

Maureen said...

When someone is given a cross to carry, there can be many, many facets to it. The feelings you describe show me that you take nothing for granted and ponder deeply the lingering effects of the cross. Because of this cross you can relate to other IF friends in a deeper more profound way. Maybe that's why this experience will stay with you forever. You never know when you will meet another dear IF who needs a word of encouragement or affirmation for this type of suffering.

All of your wonderful IF friends can touch so many who are suffering in this area. I pray that you all continue this journey of reaching out. Oh, how I wish I had this type of support years ago!

Little JoAnn said...

The costs are so high my calcultor broke a long time ago. I understand this entire message.

John said...

What stuns me is the losing of the two friends. I can't believe it.

Like you said so well at the end of your post, thank the Lord that He doesn't just leave us with the weight of our crosses... He gives us great joys and consolations, too!