Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shutterfly Card...

I'm coming out of the blurr briefly to pass along my pick for the cutest card from Shutterfly.  We plan to send out copious birth announcements/Christmas cards with a Shutterfly card as well.

My favorite is this one: the Good Blessings card.  The combo of Christian graphics and simple pictures really appeals to me.

Shutterfly is offering 50 Free Cards if you post about your favorite of their new Christmas Card designs.  Thanks to the bloggers who gave me the heads up about this!!

p.s.  Now if only someone could find a way to convince Willia.m to lower their exorbitant price of $26 for a pound of their addictive peppermint bark.

post p.s.  It's been a tough week home and the baby has been cranky.  Will write more soon.


Cathy said...

Girl, peppermint bark is stupid-easy to make.
Hugs re cranky baby. I SO sympathize. Mine cried for 4 months.

aka the Mom said...

I have a recipe for peppermint bark if you want it. It is indeed "stupid-easy" to make.

Here you go